“Ulisse fugge dalla città”, by Andrea Musicò

This is an exhibition of eight young photographers about the desire to escape from their origins, hence the hint to Ulisse’s travels.


A Napolitan story

La primera foto, en el metro de Nápoles, tiene su historia. Atraída por los pendientes empecé a fotografiarlos muy de cerca sin ningún recato, y la señora inmediatamente se dio cuenta de mi interés. “Le gustan los pendientes?” preguntó. “Oh sí, mucho, son muy fotogénicos”. Ni corta ni perezosa se los quitó y me los regaló con gran amabilidad. Nunca me había pasado nada semejante, y aunque no uso pendientes los guardaré toda la vida.

The first photo, shot in Naples subway, has a story. Attracted by the earrings I begun to shot them at a very near distance without any concern. The lady inmediately noticed my interest. “Do you like them?” she asked. “Oh, yes, very much.” Suddenly she took them off and gave them to me with great kindness. I will keep those earrings all my life even if I don’t use to wear earrings.

The second photo was shot in Procida island, a small paradise near Naples.