Non si vende

This is the final fight of artist Uwe Jaentsch against the gentrification in Vucciria, Palermo. He lives with Costanza Lanza di Scalea in a run-down palace from the XV century which now is subjected to real state speculation. In a few days they will be evicted.

Vive la couleur!

Recibo el catálogo de la gran exposición Lartigue. Qué fotografías tan modernas, qué uso tan inteligente del color, qué envidia … y zaca, qué bofetón a Cartier-Bresson que opinaba «el color es vulgar».

Just arrived the catalogue of Lartigue in colour. Such modern pictures, such an inteligent use of colour … and such a slap in the face of Cartier Bresson who used to say «colour is vulgar».